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Indoor Air Quality

Modern residences are firmly sealed and insulated. While this assists with a home being energy efficient, lower amounts of fresh air, indoor pollution and continual re-circulation can cause problems.

PHI Heat & Air can help your indoor air quality by cleaning your duct work

Our homes are notorious for accumulating a build-up of dust, germs and pollutants, which can cause headaches and allergy flare-ups. Mold and mildew can cause a host of health problems. And now… we even face issues like Covid-19.

You want your home to be a safe place for your lungs, right? Well, don’t stress! PHI Heat & Air can help you keep your home energy-efficient, comfortable, and above all — safe.

Our services include an air quality audit and solutions to help improve indoor air quality in your residence.

Duct Cleaning Services

Everyday life produces allergens, dirt and chemicals. Your HVAC takes in this polluted air and puts it back into your home as many as seven times a day. These contaminants can also accumulate in your duct work and heating and cooling unit, potentially creating issues for individuals with respiratory concerns or allergies.

Not only is duct cleaning important from a health standpoint, but it can also save you a ton of money. A dusty home causes an HVAC system to operate more, which means it drives up utility and repair bills.

Depend on the heating and cooling team at PHI Heat & Air when you need to improve your residence’s indoor air quality. Our technicians will handle the labor so your household can breathe more confidently. Give us a call today at (940) 768-8586.

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Maintenance Tips

Above view of equipment being worked on.

The life of your heating & cooling system depends on the service and care you give it. Proper care assures good performance.

We have put together a set of simple "Dos and Don'ts" that every homeowner should follow.

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