Indoor Air Quality

Modern residences are firmly sealed and insulated. While this assists with a home being energy efficient, lower amounts of fresh air, indoor pollution, and continual re-circulation can cause problems.

 PHI Heat & Air can help you keep your family's indoor air quality clean and safe

Our homes are notorious for accumulating dust, germs, and pollutants, which can cause headaches and allergy flare-ups. Mold and mildew can cause a host of health problems. And now… we even face issues like Covid-19.

You want your home to be a safe place for your lungs, right? Well, don’t stress! PHI Heat & Air can help you keep your home energy-efficient, comfortable, and above all — safe.

Our services include an air quality audit and solutions to help improve indoor air quality in your residence.

Depend on the heating and cooling team at PHI Heat & Air when you need to improve your residence’s indoor air quality. Our technicians will handle the labor so your household can breathe more confidently. Give us a call today at (940) 768-8586.